3 thoughts on “I Am Shakespeare And So Can You”

  1. Not all sen­tences should be gram­mat­ic­ally cor­rect.”

    Welcome to the world of American copy­writ­ing! I have to deal with this every single day!

    Interesting art­icle — not sure I fully under­stand it (you are much, much smarter than I am.)

    Doesn’t ‘crook’ mean ‘to bend’?

    As well as the more obvi­ous: ‘crook = crim­in­al’

    Did I just open my mouth and remove all doubt, when I should have kept quiet and only risked look­ing like a fool?

  2. Thanks for your com­ment, Roland. Your thoughts sound entirely intel­li­gent and sens­ible! I’d agree that ‘crook’ can mean ‘to bend’ (and this verbal inter­pret­a­tion might even be the ini­tial inter­pret­a­tion)…

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