Pulling out

It’s been a disappointing day. This morning, the Canterbury half marathon took place and I wasn’t there. Or, rather, I was there – in the crowd, cheering on my friend Nir.

About three weeks ago, I was getting towards the end of a ten kilometre run when I my left knee – slightly dodgy already, thanks to my previous two half marathons – exploded in a shower of gristle. Well, OK; it just hurt and I had to hop home. I waited a couple of days, did another run, and couldn’t make half the distance. Then I waited a week, but on my next run couldn’t make quarter of the distance.

Obviously, I’ve damaged my knee and it needs to be rested. This means that I’ve collected a wadge of sponsorship money without actually doing the half marathon, so if you’ve sponsored me and you want your money back, I’ll be happy to reimburse you (the money has already gone to the Canterbury Pilgrims Hospices).

I will, of course, still be giving away a free copy of Déjà Vu to one of my sponsors, picked at random.

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