Pulling out

It’s been a dis­ap­point­ing day. This morn­ing, the Canterbury half mara­thon took place and I wasn’t there. Or, rather, I was there — in the crowd, cheer­ing on my friend Nir.

About three weeks ago, I was get­ting towards the end of a ten kilo­metre run when I my left knee — slightly dodgy already, thanks to my pre­vi­ous two half mara­thons — exploded in a shower of gristle. Well, OK; it just hurt and I had to hop home. I waited a couple of days, did anoth­er run, and couldn’t make half the dis­tance. Then I waited a week, but on my next run couldn’t make quarter of the dis­tance.

Obviously, I’ve dam­aged my knee and it needs to be res­ted. This means that I’ve col­lec­ted a wadge of spon­sor­ship money without actu­ally doing the half mara­thon, so if you’ve sponsored me and you want your money back, I’ll be happy to reim­burse you (the money has already gone to the Canterbury Pilgrims Hospices).

I will, of course, still be giv­ing away a free copy of Déjà Vu to one of my spon­sors, picked at ran­dom.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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