7 thoughts on “The Friday Project”

  1. it had 70-odd titles on its back­list, with 60 more in the pipeline.”

    Ouch, sounds like they went for the shot­gun meth­od and simply weren’t able to move enough units to aver­age out a suc­cess. The Christmas thing sounds a little strange. Reading the art­icle it’s almost like they expec­ted to sell more just because they pro­duced more. They may have been open­ing up new sales chan­nels but the art­icle doesn’t make that clear.

  2. I agree. Nice to see a well thought out and reasoned response to the Friday Project ‘debacle’. I, for one, hope Clare and Scott make a real go of the newly foun­ded Friday Project, rather like the suc­cess story that is kudocities.com, which rose from the ashes of Fridaycities. The con­nec­tion, here, of course, is they both had the same busi­ness dis­aster mon­ger, Paul Carr, involved.

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