3 thoughts on “Humanity’s future is blister-free calluses! — Iain M. Banks interviewed”

  1. Although I some­times find him too verb­ose, IMB is one of the greatest SF authors. The Culture uni­verse is espe­cially appeal­ing — I love his descrip­tion of it in that inter­view as ‘my sec­u­lar heav­en’.

  2. I became a fan of IMB through his cul­ture books, but some of it just goes on and on, ‘the play­er of games’ in par­tic­u­lar. It sets out the same scene about 10 times just in dif­fer­ent ways, even­tu­ally made it to the end with that one, Use of weapons is ace though

  3. Thanks for your com­ments, Foomandoonian and Richard.

    Now I’m look­ing for­ward to finally see­ing that inter­view! I’ve been mark­ing all morn­ing…

    IMB cer­tainly can write lengthy fic­tion. There were some moments in Matter where expos­i­tion made the story sag a little, but Mr Banks picked it up shortly there­after. I’ve got a couple of old Culture books hanging around; look­ing for­ward to them.

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