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It seems as though The Friday Project – a newish, small publisher bent on publishing blog- and web-related content – has been picked up by HarperCollins, ending some (yes, feverish) speculation.

HC [HarperCollins] bought TFP’s website, name and author contracts for an undisclosed sum from administrator Panos Eliades, Franklin and Company. TFP will be housed in the Press Books wing of HC, with publishing director Clare Christian, publisher Scott Pack and managing editor Heather Smith reporting to Press Books m.d. John Bond.

A few months back, Scott Pack expressed an interest in picking up Deja Vu. It didn’t come to much – best all round, I think – but TFP seems like a genuine outfit. I hope the management finds success under the HarperCollins auspice.

Via The Bookseller

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  1. It looks as if they’ve got a sweet deal: a sort of skunk works, away from the main HC office, a degree of autonomy, but with Murdoch cash to cushion them.

    There must be a catch.

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