Reviews to die for

The anti­pope — Charles Stross — has been brave enough to post his most neg­at­ive Amazon reviews.

The writ­ing is some of the worst I have ever exper­i­enced.’ (Accelerando)

Reminds me of cheap SF com­ics of the 50s and badly writ­ten online adven­ture games.’ (Halting State)

Déjà Vu had one abso­lute stinker of a review, and it was writ­ten for Interzone by Martin Lewis. It was his first review for Interzone and, as I under­stand it, his last. I can’t find it on the web and I cere­mo­ni­ally burnt my copy…but I think it said some­thing like, ‘Tedious char­ac­ter­isa­tion, awful dia­logue, gen­er­ally so bor­ing I wanted to poke my eyes out’.

(Via Charlie’s Diary.)

Author: Ian Hocking

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