Welcome to Cementum

What we have here is an exam­in­a­tion of my attempt at writ­ing a nov­el.

Says Richard Galbraith over at his blog. Looks inter­est­ing.

The book’s primary pur­pose from the begin­ning was an exer­cise in self-explor­a­tion, no real want or need to get it pub­lished.

Good grief. He sounds awfully bal­anced about the whole thing.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Cementum”

  1. hi ian, thanks very much for the com­ment, it cer­tainly made me chuckle. I guess it’s in my nature to try and look at things straight down the line, get­ting the thing pub­lished or even let­ting any­one at all read it was / is a sec­ond­ary con­cern, which is help­ful because it explor­ing myself still drives me but ulti­mately i cant ever be too dis­ap­poin­ted with the end res­ults. right now though the way things are going just try­ing to get passed chapter five is the real con­cern!

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