Book hoarding

I get this a lot, too.

“A visiting son, surveying the crammed bookcases in every room (not to mention the piles of books on surfaces and floors) asked me ‘don’t you ever get rid of any books?’ And the answer of course is no. “

Yesterday evening, I spent almost half an hour standing in front of the bookcase in the living room. I was looking at each spine and conjuring an impression of the stories. Reactivating them. It seems to help with the overall feeling that I’m trying to conjure, in my own little way, with my own books.

I won’t be satisfied, of course, until I have at least one room whose walls are filled with books. And one of those mounted, moving ladders.

(Via Macmillan New Writers.)

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4 thoughts on “Book hoarding”

  1. For a long time, I’d watch those silly programmes where people buy, sell, redecorate and/or build houses, always wondering where they kept their books.

    And then I realised.

    I don’t watch those silly programmes any more.

  2. It’s actually one of my goals to have a wall of books with one of those ladders. And the words of Ozymandias running along the top of the wall. It’d be so… cooooooool…

  3. Christ, Tim, I thought being in Thailand might save you from Changing Rooms (or whatever that Carol Smiley program was called).

    Apparently, Scott Pack has got a staircase somewhere in his house where each riser opens to reveal a load of books. Fantastic!

  4. Aliya, you and me both. Of course, it runs the risk of your butler/assistant/amanuensis pulling the ladder away suddenly in a moment of miscommunication (like Otis does to Lex Luthor in Superman).

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