Academia’s big guns fight ‘Google effect’

An inter­est­ing piece over at the Grauniad sug­gests that aca­dem­ic search engines (which have been, at points, the very bane of my life) are ‘less mediocre’ than Google but lack user-friend­li­ness.

Scores of aca­dem­ic search engines provide a heavy­weight altern­at­ive to the com­mer­cial ones and work against what Brighton University’s pro­fess­or of media- Tara Brabazon has termed “the Google effect” — a tend­ency towards mediocrity.

Yeah, maybe. But Google will often pull up the pages of aca­dem­ics who put pre-prints of their papers online, sav­ing us the rig­mar­ole of try­ing to get a full text ver­sion of a paper via a uni­ver­sity lib­rary only to hit that ‘com­puter says no’ mes­sage at the end.

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Author: Ian Hocking

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