Sport Relief 2008

No, not the Canterbury half mara­thon — I’ve got that look for­ward to in May — but a three-mile jog around the University of Kent cam­pus in aid of Sport Relief. The day was a little dis­or­gan­ised and we had to wait in the drizzle for about an hour before the run actu­ally star­ted, so I was bloody freez­ing until we got mov­ing, but Team Psycho (devel­op­ment­al psy­cho­lo­gist Ruth, com­puter sci­ent­ist Nir, beha­vi­our­ist Britta, and cog­nit­ive psy­cho­lo­gist Ian) raised £125. Hussah!

We’re still a few pen­nies off our total, so if you like the video, why not donate to our team?

At the time of writ­ing, Sport Relief has raised £20 mil­lion! Go us!

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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