3 thoughts on “Saskia Brandt 1, Ian Hocking 0”

  1. 4000 words on some­body arriv­ing home? Without a gun held to the back of his neck, or a pair of burly KGB types hanging out in his broom closet… *yawwwwwn*.… I sym­path­ize. I’m try­ing hard to ‘just write the good bits’ but from time to time it’s been the car trip to the north of scot­land, or even just walk­ing across a foy­er — hun­dreds of words of irrel­ev­ant page-filling driv­el. And those scenes that are loaded with poten­tial but you don’t know where they fit.

    Love, love, love the Amber Room idea — can’t wait to see what you do with it. What is the sig­ni­fic­ance of the ballgown? Is it con­nec­ted with the room or is it just that she’s been to a ball? Dresses can be really import­ant to women. Especially really spec­tac­u­lar dresses. (Ever noticed how your wife becomes a slightly dif­fer­ent per­son when she puts on some extra­vag­ant even­ing num­ber?) I once tried to make a paint­ing of a bal­let dress — the long, soft kind — that some­how cap­tured the essence of a dear friend, who I missed ter­ribly. My paint­ing skills weren’t up to it, so it was nev­er fin­ished.

  2. Thanks for your com­ment, Helen. I def­in­itely need to take a step back from this pro­ject and squint a bit.

    The ballgown will be very import­ant, don’t worry! I’ve got a feel­ing that she’s snuck into a ball at the palace in order to get to the room — but I don’t quite know why yet. I think I need to arrange a trip to see the recon­struc­ted amber room in St Petersberg…

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