Guilt Trip

Hallo, m’constant read­ers. In a moment of what can only be described as ‘ath­let­ic stu­pid­ity’, I’ve signed up for the Canterbury Half Marathon on 25th May (for my American read­ers, that’s May 25th). I ran a couple of these ‘half mara­thon’ thingies some years ago. They hurt. So it would make me feel much bet­ter if you sponsored me.

And, if you’ve been read­ing this blog for years in con­stant frus­tra­tion that I nev­er ask for your money in return for all these insight­ful art­icles about…stuff, then this is your lucky day. Show me the money. Wave it under my nose. Thumb through a wad of it next to my ear.

To para­phrase anoth­er writer: I’m not inter­ested in your rent money; I’m not inter­ested in your food money; I’m inter­ested in your beer money — which will go straight to the Pilgrims Hospices char­ity once I’ve tripped over the fin­ish line.

So scootle across to RunFatPsychologistRun and cough up. The pay­ment sys­tem should work for inter­na­tion­al read­ers as eas­ily as it will for UK res­id­ents.

As an added incent­ive, I’ll throw in a copy of my latest book (whatever that book will be by 25th May; prob­ably Déjà Vu, which is going for 111 Big Ones on Amazon right now) and give it to one of the people who spon­sor me. (Sorry, Dad, fam­ily mem­bers excluded.) Just to be clear: I’ll select the win­ner ran­domly, irre­spect­ive of the amount pledged.

Thanks, every­one. I’ll think of you as I’m grind­ing my knee-caps to powder. And, just to keep you reminded, I’ve added a link at the bot­tom of the page.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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