5 thoughts on “Real Magic”

  1. I abso­lutely fell in the love with the storytelling in this movie when I saw it. I love how the story unfolds through the read­ing of each other’s journ­als. I was des­per­ately hop­ing for some of this bril­liance in the book and was sorely dis­ap­poin­ted. Now I really want to see the movie again.

    Congrats on the new blog.
    Have a won­der­ful day.

  2. Thanks for your com­ment, Megan. I also thought the journ­als were a great way of allow­ing each magi­cian to get inside the head of the oth­er. I guess the book was nev­er going to be as spec­tac­u­lar. But it did win a SF award, I think.

  3. Lol. Well award or not, I will flat out say it. I thought the book was stu­pid and a flat out waste of time. But maybe that reflects badly on my char­ac­ter.

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