8 thoughts on “Welcome to the new blog”

  1. Having never been first at anything, as the latest issue of Cadenza illustrates, I couldn’t resist leading the way…

    New blog looks leaner and meaner than something grilled by Mr Foreman. Looking much forward to more writerly words of wisdom.

  2. Well, like your good self, I have an agent now. She likes my novel but fears it’s been written already, although after me, making mine some form of reverse plagarism! Just finishing a collection of shorts to bombard publishers with, then back to the long form.

  3. Yes, Kirkus Reviews said of my first one, ‘Any comparison to a bestseller involving a certain Code is purely coincidental.’ But I wrote my first novel before anyone had heard of that cartoonish cocksucker – and I yet dare to hope that my stuff will still be read when post-Apocalyptic land mammals are pissing on his unmarked grave. (Incidentally, I still haven’t read Dan Brown – though I tried once as a research exercise, but only made it about 80 pages in, and only that far through sheer bloody-mindedness. It’s not that I’m totally averse to children’s books, it’s just that I much prefer Dr Seuss.)

  4. Oh, Lord, wouldn’t it be great to discover TDC in a bookshop with a sticker reading ‘A cartoonish cocksucker – Michael Stephen Fuchs’?

    I read TDC all the way through with my mouth hanging open, staggered that this level of crap sold even a single copy. Even today, I’m not sure why.

    Incidentally, when I make it huge in Hollywood, I’m going to find Denzel Washington and kick his arse for starring in a crap time travel movie called Deja Vu that could have been so much better with a decent plot – at least, I assume so, since I haven’t seen it.

  5. I herewith make my blurbs available to Dan Brown and his publishers for any and all use.

    Disagree about Deja Vu. I’m a minor student of time travel stories, and I think this managed to add to and expand the whole, erm, continuum. I thought it was high concept and a very fine – and emotionally powerful – film.

    I could say more about that but instead I’ll just add that it occurred to me I’ve also been reverse plagiarised on my second novel – not by an author, but by the universe. The basic hook is that there’s some really funky stuff in the previously rather ignored – and so-called – ‘junk DNA’, which explains much of the mystery of human higher consciousness and culture. Well, literally in the months leading up to publication, we started seeing news stories to the effect of ‘Genomicists report that unexpressed DNA really does have previously unknown functions (i.e. not making proteins, but flipping them, etc.)’ As I said to my editor at the time: Life imitates Fuchs.

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