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Feel right at home. Take a look around. You’ll see it’s a little sim­pler than the old blog — lean­er, mean­er and more fit for fight­ing.

Love it or hate it? Let me know in the com­ments.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the new blog”

  1. Having nev­er been first at any­thing, as the latest issue of Cadenza illus­trates, I couldn’t res­ist lead­ing the way…

    New blog looks lean­er and mean­er than some­thing grilled by Mr Foreman. Looking much for­ward to more writerly words of wis­dom.

  2. Well, like your good self, I have an agent now. She likes my nov­el but fears it’s been writ­ten already, although after me, mak­ing mine some form of reverse plagar­ism! Just fin­ish­ing a col­lec­tion of shorts to bom­bard pub­lish­ers with, then back to the long form.

  3. Yes, Kirkus Reviews said of my first one, ‘Any com­par­is­on to a best­seller involving a cer­tain Code is purely coin­cid­ent­al.’ But I wrote my first nov­el before any­one had heard of that car­toon­ish cock­suck­er — and I yet dare to hope that my stuff will still be read when post-Apocalyptic land mam­mals are piss­ing on his unmarked grave. (Incidentally, I still haven’t read Dan Brown — though I tried once as a research exer­cise, but only made it about 80 pages in, and only that far through sheer bloody-minded­ness. It’s not that I’m totally averse to children’s books, it’s just that I much prefer Dr Seuss.)

  4. Oh, Lord, wouldn’t it be great to dis­cov­er TDC in a book­shop with a stick­er read­ing ‘A car­toon­ish cock­suck­er — Michael Stephen Fuchs’?

    I read TDC all the way through with my mouth hanging open, staggered that this level of crap sold even a single copy. Even today, I’m not sure why.

    Incidentally, when I make it huge in Hollywood, I’m going to find Denzel Washington and kick his arse for star­ring in a crap time travel movie called Deja Vu that could have been so much bet­ter with a decent plot — at least, I assume so, since I haven’t seen it.

  5. I here­with make my blurbs avail­able to Dan Brown and his pub­lish­ers for any and all use.

    Disagree about Deja Vu. I’m a minor stu­dent of time travel stor­ies, and I think this man­aged to add to and expand the whole, erm, con­tinuum. I thought it was high concept and a very fine — and emo­tion­ally power­ful — film.

    I could say more about that but instead I’ll just add that it occurred to me I’ve also been reverse pla­gi­ar­ised on my second nov­el — not by an author, but by the uni­verse. The basic hook is that there’s some really funky stuff in the pre­vi­ously rather ignored — and so-called — ‘junk DNA’, which explains much of the mys­tery of human high­er con­scious­ness and cul­ture. Well, lit­er­ally in the months lead­ing up to pub­lic­a­tion, we star­ted see­ing news stor­ies to the effect of ‘Genomicists report that unex­pressed DNA really does have pre­vi­ously unknown func­tions (i.e. not mak­ing pro­teins, but flip­ping them, etc.)’ As I said to my edit­or at the time: Life imit­ates Fuchs.

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