4 thoughts on “Flash fiction”

  1. Hi, Ian.

    Sounds like a good idea. I’m going to take a listen tonight. Interesting what you say about your flash being non-genre–me too, even though most of my short stories are genre ones.

    I’ve about fifty pieces of ‘mashed stanza’ I’ve produced over the last few years that I’m now in the process of shoehorning into a novella. Not sure how that one’s going to play out.

    Let me have a listensy–I may be interested in guesting if you like.

  2. Hey Neil

    Good to hear from you. Perhaps I’ll see you at Aliya’s do on Thursday?

    Feel free to send me a couple of examples, that’d be great.


  3. Hi Ian, just come over here from Debra’s…Beautifully done, I’d say – both aurally and visually…

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