4 thoughts on “Flash fiction”

  1. Hi, Ian.

    Sounds like a good idea. I’m going to take a listen tonight. Interesting what you say about your flash being non-genre–me too, even though most of my short stor­ies are genre ones.

    I’ve about fifty pieces of ‘mashed stanza’ I’ve pro­duced over the last few years that I’m now in the pro­cess of shoe­horn­ing into a novella. Not sure how that one’s going to play out.

    Let me have a listensy–I may be inter­ested in guest­ing if you like.

  2. Hey Neil

    Good to hear from you. Perhaps I’ll see you at Aliya’s do on Thursday?

    Feel free to send me a couple of examples, that’d be great.


  3. Hi Ian, just come over here from Debra’s…Beautifully done, I’d say — both aur­ally and visu­ally…

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