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Question: Is flash fic­tion an art form in itself, or an excuse to write for about thirty seconds, look chal­len­gingly at the cat and say, “And”? Who knows. But flash fic­tion — also known as sud­den fic­tion, Kato-from-the-cup­board prose, and mashed stanza — has a pecu­li­ar appeal. It’s short; sharp. Very occa­sion­ally shock­ing.

You’ll find many blog­gers dab­bling with flash fic­tion. A brief glance at my news­read­er app reveals sci­ffy author Gareth D Jones, Managing Director of the Velcro City Tourist Board Paul Raven, and sci­ffy author Gareth L Powell, all of whom are blog­ging flash fic­tion on Fridays.

Readers of this blog — hey, Dad — will be aware that I’ve ven­tured into the flash fic­tion before. See Stone Sun, for example.

But, Saturday morn­ing, when I was read­ing the Guardian Weekend, I noticed sev­er­al ‘new media’ types on the cov­er (pod­casters, mostly, includ­ing Alex Albrecht.) I men­tioned to my girl­friend how it’s pos­sible now to pro­duce professional(ish) qual­ity audio and video without big-money back­ing. I must have soun­ded rather pom­pous and know­ing, because she said, “Well, why don’t you do one?”

I blinked once.


And here it is, m’readers. My FICTION FLASH. As a cor­res­pond­ent of mine, TheDudeAbides, noted, FICTION FLASH has a Twitter-like feel to it, and I’m happy about that.

FICTION FLASH will be released every Friday even­ing (GMT). It has an iTunes ‘expli­cit’ tag because of the occa­sion­al strong lan­guage. It will tend not to be sci­ence fic­tion; for some reas­on I’m not able to fathom, my short fic­tion seems to be of the non-genre sort. Episodes should be about one minute in length. It might be fun to have some guest flash fic­tion­ers — if you’re inter­ested, let me know.

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Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

4 thoughts on “Flash fiction”

  1. Hi, Ian.

    Sounds like a good idea. I’m going to take a listen tonight. Interesting what you say about your flash being non-genre–me too, even though most of my short stor­ies are genre ones.

    I’ve about fifty pieces of ‘mashed stanza’ I’ve pro­duced over the last few years that I’m now in the pro­cess of shoe­horn­ing into a novella. Not sure how that one’s going to play out.

    Let me have a listensy–I may be inter­ested in guest­ing if you like.

  2. Hey Neil

    Good to hear from you. Perhaps I’ll see you at Aliya’s do on Thursday?

    Feel free to send me a couple of examples, that’d be great.


  3. Hi Ian, just come over here from Debra’s…Beautifully done, I’d say — both aur­ally and visu­ally…

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