4 thoughts on “Trouble At StoryMill”

  1. Yeah…and since I’m continually demonstrating to myself how bad I am at it, it’s probably time to abandon the whole thing!

  2. Hello Ian,

    The timeline view in StoryMill is designed for scenes that take place relatively close together in time. It does not currently work very well for epic storylines that take place over time scales of several years or for scenes that last less than 10 minutes or so.

    This is a difficult problem (representing scenes in such widely varying time scales) and we chose to target what 90% of writers would need for our first version of the timeline. We are evaluating solutions so we can make the timeline useful to more people in the future.

    We would love to hear more about your specific needs. You can contact us at http://www.marinersoftware.com/

    Thanks for taking the time to evaluate StoryMill and we hope we can make it more useful for you in the future.

    Todd Ransom
    StoryMill developer
    Mariner Software

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