No, seriously, what the hell’s that island?

ZZ2180565A.pngJ. J. Abrahams is the cre­at­or of Lost (with Damon Lindelof), Alias, and the dir­ect­or of Mission: Impossible 3. Via John Gruber’s Daring Fireball, I stumbled across this talk of Abrahams dis­cuss­ing how ele­ments of sus­pense can help pro­pel a nar­rat­ive. The talk was giv­en at TED, an organ­isa­tion that star­ted out as the Technology, Education and Design con­fer­ence in 1984. Now it’s an annu­al meet­ing where luminar­ies get 18 minutes to give the talk of their lives.

The first ques­tion people ask me is: What the hell’s that island? It’s usu­ally fol­lowed by: No, ser­i­ously, what the hell’s that island?”

Love it.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

3 thoughts on “No, seriously, what the hell’s that island?”

  1. Yeah, wasn’t? Funny — that’s my favour­ite bit too (though not when it’s repeated in Jaws 4).

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