6 thoughts on “Pull!”

  1. Any time you’re over in my neck of the woods, my gun-owning brother in law has threatened to take me to a shooting range, so tag along!

  2. Shooting is so much fun. It’s almost like taking a photo – hold your breath, squeeze. Frighteningly easy. I’m slightly deaf in my right ear, and I swear it’s from the noise of firing blanks while on patrol with no hearing protection. It’s an intense, percussive snap – I can’t think how to describe it. (bad writer! bad writer!!!) On the range you wear earplugs, but out playing soldiers, you don’t.

    The feel depends on the weapon. I’ve only fired a pistol once, and I can’t remember what sort it was. I remember being shocked by how much it kicked up. It’s such a small, insubstantial thing and you can point it any which-way so easily… so deadly!

    The rifle, by contrast, feels like a part of your arm. It sits comfortably in your shoulder and just gives a friendly little punch back into your body. The difference between a single shot and a burst is just the subtlest of pressure on the trigger.

    I had a go on a Minimi once. Sprayed rounds all over the place – it was like trying to hang onto a really p-d off tomcat. I guess I was having a bit of a girly moment and didn’t get agressive enough with it.

  3. F89 LMG (light machine gun). 5.56.

    Machine guns weigh a ton – I can’t remember if it was the Mag 58 or an M60 that we used to lug around – I’ve had a (brief) turn carrying the damn thing and carrying the rounds for it (also weigh a ton) though I didn’t fire it. Definitely a man’s weapon, I think!

    You should definitely try to arrange some time at a range. Shooting is the one thing I miss about the army. Of course, for me it was strictly ‘playing soldiers’ – shooting on a range or on exercise with blanks – I don’t have any experience of shooting or being shot at for real. Which is a good thing.

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