2 thoughts on “Torchwood”

  1. Oh God, it’s awful, isn’t it.

    Such an inter­est­ing concept RUINED by lazy, stu­pid writ­ing. The char­ac­ters act in a totally ran­dom, out-of-char­ac­ter way. There’s not logic to what they do. The entire ‘Torchwood’ team is incom­pet­ent, unlike­able, inept.

    And you’re right. My lib­er­al pre­ten­sions were tickled by the pro­gress­ive sexu­al­ity of the char­ac­ters… except it’s not ‘pro­gress­ive,’ it’s just Russell T. Davies shoe­horn­ing in same-sex snog­ging for the sake of it.

    A gigant­ic, steam­ing pile of…

    Talons of Weng Chiang was one of my favour­ite Dr Who stor­ies. With the strange pig mon­ster and the lines the Doctor had: ‘I nev­er trust a man with dirty fin­ger­nails’ and explain­ing to his new friends that he found Leela ‘float­ing down the Amazon in a hat­box.’

  2. Hi Roland — Hope you’re keep­ing well.

    Robert Holmes was a great Dr Who writer. Some great lines…

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