Can I get a little Holy Ghost power?

Sitting here at home, ill, feel­ing a little sorry for myself — and strug­gling with first-year stu­dent essays — is the per­fect time to check out some of my sub­scribed feeds. Over at Neurophilosophy, I’m amused to see a link to ‘Clothes for athe­ists’. That’s right, broth­ers and sis­ters, buy a smug hoody from ‘A pro­duc­tion of evol­u­tion: cas­u­al designs for the free-think­ing truth seeker’. Or per­haps a cof­fee cup that reads ‘Meet my two best friends: reas­on and logic’.

I’d like to think of myself as a free-think­ing truth seeker. When I was young­er, I invited some Mormons into my house and pro­ceeded to har­angue them for about two hours on the logic­al dif­fi­culties of super­nat­ur­al beliefs. They left exhausted. Nowadays, how­ever, I’m much more polite.

But I see there are oth­er busi­nesses in the athe­ism game. Look at these crazy cats over at Atheists online. Love the atom­ic logo. They’ve got T-shirts read­ing ‘Weapons of mass destruc­tion’ (accom­pan­ied by pic­tures of the Bible and the Koran); ‘Atheists scream YOUR NAME dur­ing sex’ (I’m sure we’re all agreed that that will get the ladies going); and a pic­ture of a red dev­il lit­er­ally piss­ing on reli­gion.

I still, how­ever, say ‘Bless you’ when people sneeze.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

5 thoughts on “Can I get a little Holy Ghost power?”

  1. Debra, I’m shocked. Don’t you care that someone has just lost a bit of their soul through their nose?

  2. So an Atheist bless­ing my sneez­ing moment means, they are either bless­ing the bug I just pro­jec­ted to become a com­plex creature in a mil­lion years, or pro­tect­ing them­selves against a vir­us demon they do not even believe in…


    I find this, rather, amus­ing…
    Nancy Louise

  3. Sure. You need all the pro­tec­tion you need against these vir­us demons. I find that stand­ing on one leg also helps.

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