8 thoughts on “Anxiety and creativity”

  1. Funnily enough, I drew a pic­ture (not as good as yours!)of a char­ac­ter in the cur­rent waffle I’m scrib­bling and then decided I didn’t like them and kicked them out!
    How do you cope while you’re wait­ing for a decision? That’s what I can’t cope with. High arous­al? hmmmm.

  2. hey, really nice work. My day-job is draw­ing. at drawsketch.about.com

    You’re very good. I like the dir­ec­tion­al shad­ing a lot.


  3. Great art­icles, Helen. I like the one about neg­at­ive spaces. If that’s the one thing I could tell people to learn to aid their draw­ing, I would tell them that…

  4. Not really, but he seems to be pro­du­cing doc­u­ment­ar­ies, books on poetry, nov­els, and doing inter­views where he talks about quantum the­ory, Wagner and Interesting Animal Facts. Generally a very pro­duct­ive (and anxious, I think) guy.

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