6 thoughts on “Die, Windows, Die! And the Peripatetic Venetician”

  1. Marco Polo sounds fab. But don’t you find a little message saying ‘I think you’re in an Internet cafe connected to an unsecured network’ as annoying as one asking whether you want to tidy up your desktop? It all sounds a bit like Eddie the Shipboard Computer to me. Or those twee coffee cups on trains that warn you “I’m Hot”.

  2. Nice, I’ve been using MP for a while, but I didn’t even think to get it to open the VPN client or turn off my shared folders – great idea!

  3. Splendidness, will be sure to check this puppy out.

    I feel for you re: Windows use. Even Parallels makes me feel so dirty. And Vista really is as horrific as they said it would be.

  4. Tim, you’re not wrong. And it must be said that Marco Polo does occasionally get it wrong – but not very wrong, and it’s usually because of a poor choice of rules set by the user.

    ‘Ian, it looks like you’re in an Internet cafe. I’ve taken the liberty of ordering you a hazel latte.’

    Tearfully: ‘That’ll do, computer. That’ll do.’

  5. Kristarella – yeah, it can do all that. I’ve run into a couple of problem with it not being able to close applications, but I this would probably be sorted by a few more Applescripts.

  6. Definitely, Michael. You sound rather peripatetic too, so it should be right up your street (or whatever they call them in Venice).

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