6 thoughts on “Die, Windows, Die! And the Peripatetic Venetician”

  1. Marco Polo sounds fab. But don’t you find a little mes­sage say­ing ‘I think you’re in an Internet cafe con­nec­ted to an unse­cured net­work’ as annoy­ing as one ask­ing wheth­er you want to tidy up your desktop? It all sounds a bit like Eddie the Shipboard Computer to me. Or those twee cof­fee cups on trains that warn you “I’m Hot”.

  2. Nice, I’ve been using MP for a while, but I didn’t even think to get it to open the VPN cli­ent or turn off my shared folders — great idea!

  3. Splendidness, will be sure to check this puppy out.

    I feel for you re: Windows use. Even Parallels makes me feel so dirty. And Vista really is as hor­rif­ic as they said it would be.

  4. Tim, you’re not wrong. And it must be said that Marco Polo does occa­sion­ally get it wrong — but not very wrong, and it’s usu­ally because of a poor choice of rules set by the user.

    Ian, it looks like you’re in an Internet cafe. I’ve taken the liberty of order­ing you a hazel latte.’

    Tearfully: ‘That’ll do, com­puter. That’ll do.’

  5. Kristarella — yeah, it can do all that. I’ve run into a couple of prob­lem with it not being able to close applic­a­tions, but I this would prob­ably be sor­ted by a few more Applescripts.

  6. Definitely, Michael. You sound rather peri­pat­et­ic too, so it should be right up your street (or whatever they call them in Venice).

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