9 thoughts on “Serendipity”

  1. Oh good. You haven’t made that grockly gaffe of mis­tak­ing a Kentish Man for a Man of Kent, and been lynched.

    That Serendipity link doesn’t work, btw. You can get there via the blog link, but it’s more faff.

    And while you were away I wrote about Flowers for Algernon.

  2. Hi, Ian,

    Just a quick one to note those links don’t work, but you were in an Internet cafe, so I’ll let you off.

  3. inter­est­ing that the site is magic­al real­ism and Mitchell men­tioned authors like Marquez.…

  4. Thanks for the com­ments, every­one. I’ve updated the links… Tim, great. I’ll check out the art­icle…

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