7 thoughts on “Anyone want to do some transcribing?”

  1. Hi Ian, when would the tran­scrip­tion need to be ready by, and is it from audio or from hand­writ­ten notes?

  2. Good points, Shaun — I’ve added this to the entry. Basically, it’s in audio form (the link in the above post) and it would need to be done by the 7th of Sept…

  3. des­pite my over­flow­ing in-tray, over­due art­icles and (holy cra­pola, its only a week till the end of the month?!) — unfin­ished chapters, a nice shiny-new (signed, if you don’t mind?) copy of Deja Vu … how can I res­ist? There’s always some­thing spe­cial about a book that has been in its author’s hands, I think.

    Shoot me an email if you’d like me to go ahead, just in case someone has been in touch about it in the mean­time.



  4. Oh, you drive a hard bar­gain, my post­mod­ern friend. Is there any chance you’d be OK with a non-signed copy? Otherwise I’ll have to pay P&P twice and I’m poor as a church mouse right now (thanks to the impend­ing house move).

  5. oh, that’s ok then. (I’m in Australia too… I don’t mind chip­ping in for extra post­age if needed -it isn’t a par­tic­u­larly long inter­view, after all.)

    Wonder if I have an English spellcheck­er. I’ve been writ­ing Americanese for so long I for­get how to spell things prop­erly.


  6. Great, Helen! If you could send me an email with the tran­script (as a script, with dia­logue marked by speak­er) by the 7th, that would be great.

    I’ll take a look at the post­age for Oz — I’m pretty sure it isn’t much, and I’ll try to sign the copy for you.


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