7 thoughts on “Anyone want to do some transcribing?”

  1. Hi Ian, when would the transcription need to be ready by, and is it from audio or from handwritten notes?

  2. Good points, Shaun – I’ve added this to the entry. Basically, it’s in audio form (the link in the above post) and it would need to be done by the 7th of Sept…

  3. despite my overflowing in-tray, overdue articles and (holy crapola, its only a week till the end of the month?!) – unfinished chapters, a nice shiny-new (signed, if you don’t mind?) copy of Deja Vu … how can I resist? There’s always something special about a book that has been in its author’s hands, I think.

    Shoot me an email if you’d like me to go ahead, just in case someone has been in touch about it in the meantime.



  4. Oh, you drive a hard bargain, my postmodern friend. Is there any chance you’d be OK with a non-signed copy? Otherwise I’ll have to pay P&P twice and I’m poor as a church mouse right now (thanks to the impending house move).

  5. oh, that’s ok then. (I’m in Australia too… I don’t mind chipping in for extra postage if needed -it isn’t a particularly long interview, after all.)

    Wonder if I have an English spellchecker. I’ve been writing Americanese for so long I forget how to spell things properly.


  6. Great, Helen! If you could send me an email with the transcript (as a script, with dialogue marked by speaker) by the 7th, that would be great.

    I’ll take a look at the postage for Oz – I’m pretty sure it isn’t much, and I’ll try to sign the copy for you.


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