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  1. Oh man, I feel your pain. What cracked me up about NTL (now Virgin Media, and allegedly no bet­ter at cus­tom­er ser­vice) is that, des­pite being an ISP, they will only answer cus­tom­er ser­vice enquir­ies by phone. You couldn’t email them. What’s up with that?

    My ini­tial cyn­ic­al thought was ‘I bet they make money off those loc­al rate help line calls’, and I expect they do. But after a four year ten­ure with them, I real­ised they’re play­ing the long game. I don’t dare switch pro­viders for exactly the reas­ons you’ve lis­ted above. By being use­less and obfus­cat­ory, they keep their cus­tom­ers. QED.


    By the way, I’ve found that writ­ten let­ters by snail mail are the best com­plaint vec­tor, once the ini­tial prob­lem is fixed. Papertrails are much harder to lose. It may take a while for a reply to come back from the cor­por­ate machine, but it’s usu­ally extremely apo­lo­get­ic and often accom­pan­ies some form of com­pens­at­ory ges­ture. I assume this is because by the time the doc­u­ment has been passed on to someone who can actu­ally read it, it’s already deep into the strata of upper man­age­ment.

    Give ‘em hell, dude.

    PS Expect an email from me in the next few days … if you can retrieve them, that is.

  2. Being from Cornwall, I feel a farm­ing-inspired com­plaint might be a good idea, like that fella who drove his muck spread­er up to the coun­cil offices some­where and gave them a fer­til­iz­ing they wouldn’t soon for­get.

    Failing that, a let­ter.

    My next ISP will prob­ably be TalkTalk. Wish me luck; I’m going in.

  3. OH MY GOD! The things I could whine with about BT. I had exactly the same schiser to deal with as you, when they cut our phone and inter­net for a month when we moved house. Total bunch of imcom­pet­ent idi­ots.

    Over here in America, we got hooked up with light­en­ing fast inter­net, 240 TV chan­nels and free loc­al and long dis­tance calls overnight for the same price as we were pay­ing in England for BT phone and inter­net — not includ­ing the extra for the calls.

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