11 thoughts on “Flowers for Algernon and the humbling experience”

  1. Your review has just reminded me of why I fell in love with this book five years ago. I really must reread it.

  2. It’s a stun­ner, isn’t it? I only read it a few years ago myself, and it was a real rev­el­a­tion.

  3. John D — def­in­itely. That’s an inter­est­ing idea, and a good one for a blog post. What would my dream antho­logy be? Hmm…

    Thanks, Shaun. What a book…

    Paul, you’re right. I might even be able to get my girl­friend to read it.

  4. This was made into a movie, called “Charly” and starred Cliff Robertson. As I recall the movie wasn’t too bad either.

  5. Haven’t read it, but I do recall the movie.

    I also recall The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Especially the bit where Leela got trapped in the sew­er in rather wet under­wear. Crikey.

  6. Crikey, I remem­ber that rat. Not much chance of today’s Doctor giv­ing a creature both bar­rels. Though he might be temp­ted with the new assist­ant…

  7. A great book makes you think and feel. This book works on so many levels which is why it is still mem­or­able even 40 years after it was writ­ten. Cliff Robertson won the Oscar for best act­or in Charly. It was released in 1968.

  8. Thanks for your com­ment, Tom. I’ll def­in­itely have to check out that movie now…

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