Copyright (c) FreeFoto.comCrikey, things really sloooow down when you’re typing with one hand. But, inexorably, the moving finger writes.

OK! Using a bit of random jiggery-pokery, I’ve selected the lucky winners of the books in question. You’ll recall that they were Life’s a Cabaret by James Innes-Smith and Pandora’s Sisters by Michael Stephen Fuchs.

And the winners are: Postmodern Housewife, who gets Life’s a Cabaret; and Kymberlie R. McGuire, who gets Pandora’s Sisters. Congratulations! As I mentioned in the original post, if you’re outside the UK, you just need to pay the shipping costs – and it turns out that both winners are extracontinentals. For the Aussie Postmodern Housewife, this is 2.08 GBP, and for the San Franciscan Kymberlie, it’s 2.34 GBP. If you could send me your snail mail addresses (my email is in the right-hand pane), then we’ll get started.

Happy Buy A Friend A Book Week!

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