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Copyright (c) FreeFoto.comTo the NHS walk-in centre this morning. Why? Well, it looks as though some of the scaffolding in my left wrist is tired and irritable. It’s too painful to move my fingers and my wrist refuses any kind of rotational movement. The nurse shook her head sadly when I told her the amount of computer work I do on a given day – apparently, it’s very common and is likely to be something called tenosynivitis. Impressive. Anywho, I’m not much good for computer work at the moment, so the blog may get a little quiet over the next few days. I’ll try to finish off the BAFAB stuff soon, just as soon as I’ve worked out how to go to the toilet on my own.

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13 thoughts on “Not so handy”

  1. ouch. Voice recognition software? (if you don’t mind edition at least one word in ten)… let us know what you come up with. With writing, Cello and knitting, I’m courting disaster.

  2. Ian, I had a very bad RSI attack in early 2004, while I was working all day in a keyboard-intensive job and teaching online at night (where nearly all interaction was via keyboard).

    I was able to recover, but keyboard-intensive sieges still cause me some pain in my right arm, from my shoulder through the carpal tunnel. It’s as if I wore something out that will never quite repair itself to where it had been.

    Aside from rest, changing work habits, etc. I have had a very interesting discovery of late. Aerobics classes (step classes, kick-boxing, etc.) are making a real difference — at least any class that involves a good strong workout for my upper body and my arms. My guess is I’m building up muscles around the affected area. I have been writing quite a bit this past month and yet every day my right arm feels better.

    Once you’ve healed somewhat, you might discuss this with your doctor.

  3. Thanks, K.G. I’m getting a lot of aerobic exercise at the mo (at least I was!)…but building up the muscles sounds like a good idea. I’ll try it.

  4. or Yoga – all the stretching is good. Exercise makes sense, really, the improved circulation, getting more oxygen where it is needed.

    What about trying a couple of different keyboards – one of those ergonomically shaped ones, alternating with a regular one, so that your muscles are used in different ways.

    Is your desk at the right height – keyboard at elbow level?


  5. Sounds similar to what I had, although my useless parade of GPs and rheumatherapists still haven’t provided a satisfactory diagnosis or treatment, after one and a half years.

    The problem has mostly subsided though it hasn’t gone.

  6. Thanks for your comment, Shaun. My GP did seem pretty clueless…hope it doesn’t last too many years or I’ll end with an American accent from talking to my computer!

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