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Copyright (c) FreeFoto.comTo the NHS walk-in centre this morn­ing. Why? Well, it looks as though some of the scaf­fold­ing in my left wrist is tired and irrit­able. It’s too pain­ful to move my fin­gers and my wrist refuses any kind of rota­tion­al move­ment. The nurse shook her head sadly when I told her the amount of com­puter work I do on a giv­en day — appar­ently, it’s very com­mon and is likely to be some­thing called ten­o­syniv­it­is. Impressive. Anywho, I’m not much good for com­puter work at the moment, so the blog may get a little quiet over the next few days. I’ll try to fin­ish off the BAFAB stuff soon, just as soon as I’ve worked out how to go to the toi­let on my own.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

13 thoughts on “Not so handy”

  1. ouch. Voice recog­ni­tion soft­ware? (if you don’t mind edi­tion at least one word in ten)… let us know what you come up with. With writ­ing, Cello and knit­ting, I’m court­ing dis­aster.

  2. Ian, I had a very bad RSI attack in early 2004, while I was work­ing all day in a key­board-intens­ive job and teach­ing online at night (where nearly all inter­ac­tion was via key­board).

    I was able to recov­er, but key­board-intens­ive sieges still cause me some pain in my right arm, from my shoulder through the carpal tun­nel. It’s as if I wore some­thing out that will nev­er quite repair itself to where it had been.

    Aside from rest, chan­ging work habits, etc. I have had a very inter­est­ing dis­cov­ery of late. Aerobics classes (step classes, kick-box­ing, etc.) are mak­ing a real dif­fer­ence — at least any class that involves a good strong workout for my upper body and my arms. My guess is I’m build­ing up muscles around the affected area. I have been writ­ing quite a bit this past month and yet every day my right arm feels bet­ter.

    Once you’ve healed some­what, you might dis­cuss this with your doc­tor.

  3. Thanks, K.G. I’m get­ting a lot of aer­obic exer­cise at the mo (at least I was!)…but build­ing up the muscles sounds like a good idea. I’ll try it.

  4. or Yoga — all the stretch­ing is good. Exercise makes sense, really, the improved cir­cu­la­tion, get­ting more oxy­gen where it is needed.

    What about try­ing a couple of dif­fer­ent key­boards — one of those ergo­nom­ic­ally shaped ones, altern­at­ing with a reg­u­lar one, so that your muscles are used in dif­fer­ent ways.

    Is your desk at the right height — key­board at elbow level?


  5. Sounds sim­il­ar to what I had, although my use­less parade of GPs and rheuma­t­her­ap­ists still haven’t provided a sat­is­fact­ory dia­gnos­is or treat­ment, after one and a half years.

    The prob­lem has mostly sub­sided though it hasn’t gone.

  6. Thanks for your com­ment, Shaun. My GP did seem pretty clueless…hope it doesn’t last too many years or I’ll end with an American accent from talk­ing to my com­puter!

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