Buy a Friend a Book Week – Free Book Give-away!

Buy a Friend a Book week is the brainchild of Debra Hamel, a writer and critic living here. Debra started BAFAB week to encourage book buying. The point is, though, that you should buy someone a book for no reason at all. Do it at random; at fancy; whimmishly.

To celebrate BAFAB week, I’ll be giving away two books. The first book comes from a small publisher, the second from an up-and-coming author.

Life is a Cabaret, by James Innes-Smith, is published by The Friday Project (readers of this blog may be interested to know that this is where Scott Pack now resides).

James Innes-Smith’s book Reach for the Big Time was an instant hit: it celebrated the heroes of 70s and 80s light entertainment and was beautifully illustrated with classic publicity shots of each unique star. It flew off the shelves and the PR began to roll in. And then it all went wrong…

Next up is Pandora’s Sisters, by Michael Stephen Fuchs. Fuchs is the author of The Manuscript, which I reviewed for Pulp.Net as “[having] All the usual suspects: hitmen, shadowy ‘intelligence’ agents, and drug dealers . . . emerges as a high-energy, enthusiastic yarn”.

‘You want to know who gave you your immortal soul? You want a personal relationship with God? Well, we found God. We’re all up in God. We’ve got God’s private number. And so do you: imprinted a hundred trillion times – once in every living cell in your big dripping corpus.’

If you’d like one of these books, add your name as a comment to this post together with the book you’d like (only one) and I’ll select winners at random towards the end of the week (though you might have to wait for me to finish reading Pandora’s Sisters). If you live in the UK, I’ll pay the postage; if you like outside the UK, I’d like you to pay me the postage via PayPal (the book will still be free, though).

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5 thoughts on “Buy a Friend a Book Week – Free Book Give-away!”

  1. what a lovely idea. The second book would be my choice. maybe i will even win! i’m feeling lucky. =}

  2. I’m going to go with Pandora’s Sisters. It sounds great!

    (I don’t think my e-mail address is stored in the comments since I chose “Other” so it’s kymberlie AT neuroticfishbowl DOT com if I win.)

  3. I’ll go for ‘Life is a Cabaret’ – it sounds like a good laugh.

    I’ve never heard of ‘Buy a Friend a Book’ – great idea. Though I must admit, I never need any encouragement to buy books. For the most part, I try to avoid bookshops unless I’m after something specific, as I get a serious case of “So many books! So little time!” – all those beautiful covers full of delicious words…

    Hmm. Now what book shall I buy for a friend? Cormac McCarthy perhaps. Or Farenheit 451. Or Nora Roberts.

  4. Kudos for having this great giveaway I’m interested in Pandora’s sisters myself. The title has me hooked!

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