5 thoughts on “Buy a Friend a Book Week — Free Book Give-away!”

  1. what a lovely idea. The second book would be my choice. maybe i will even win! i’m feel­ing lucky. =}

  2. I’m going to go with Pandora’s Sisters. It sounds great!

    (I don’t think my e-mail address is stored in the com­ments since I chose “Other” so it’s kym­ber­lie AT neur­ot­icfish­bowl DOT com if I win.)

  3. I’ll go for ‘Life is a Cabaret’ — it sounds like a good laugh.

    I’ve nev­er heard of ‘Buy a Friend a Book’ — great idea. Though I must admit, I nev­er need any encour­age­ment to buy books. For the most part, I try to avoid book­shops unless I’m after some­thing spe­cif­ic, as I get a ser­i­ous case of “So many books! So little time!” — all those beau­ti­ful cov­ers full of deli­cious words…

    Hmm. Now what book shall I buy for a friend? Cormac McCarthy per­haps. Or Farenheit 451. Or Nora Roberts.

  4. Kudos for hav­ing this great giveaway I’m inter­ested in Pandora’s sis­ters myself. The title has me hooked!

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