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Oh, the human­ity! Yes, the writ­ing life has been some­what tribu­lat­ing over the past few weeks, and this some­what accounts for the short­fall of con­tent on my blog. I’ll be post­ing a couple of things later in the week — includ­ing thoughts on thrill­er writ­ing, based on a quick talk at my writers’ group — but, for now, there’s only this meta post. My first nov­el is still under con­sid­er­a­tion by a pub­lish­er, my third is being looked at by my agent, and I’ve finally decided to quit my years-long habit of whinging about how I would improve vari­ous films — thusly I am writ­ing a film script (and so con­tin­ues my habit of pick­ing work­ing envir­on­ments that I can’t seem to get any actu­al work in).


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