3 thoughts on “Final words”

  1. That was a shot­gun blast. Bear with me while I try to track the ran­dom pel­lets. 🙂

    Re: The Road — yes, this one hit me with the prose and style. It’s not the story I would choose to tell, but I can’t help but admire the dis­cip­line in its sim­pli­city and style. It’s kind of a slap in the face to the ‘Everything and Kitchen Sink’ approach. McCarthy illus­trates well how less is more, and a little can go a long, long way.

    Re: Your con­cepts… inter­est­ing. I’ve got a fair bit of time-goof­ing in my stor­ies. And one char­ac­ter which I’ve had on the back­burn­er for a while has a chip in his head. The funny thing is my ver­sion of these con­cepts couldn’t be fur­ther from yours in almost every oth­er aspect. Not even the same ball­park.

    Ah… that famil­i­ar sea of memes in which we all float. Siblings of Skiffy.

  2. Tis a troubled sea, O my broth­er.

    McCarthy’s oth­er stuff is great too (though you prob­ably know that). Blood Meridian (west­ern) is excel­lent, as is No Country for Old Men (mod­ern thrill­er). Can’t read enough of his stuff.

    re: my con­cepts. Yeah, Spinoza lives on. Oh the bleak­ness. 🙂

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