That was the Tweet that was

Hey, remember that post a few days back when I wrote about a column in Advertising Age that used one of my tweets to illustrate the pointlessness of Twitter? Looks like the magazine article is now in a password-protected area of the site, so you can’t hear it from the horse’s mouth, but said columnist has written a nice follow-up expanding upon his ideas, which you can read here. He seems like such a nice bloke that I almost regret calling him a muppet.

*UPDATE: Simon writes to tell me that this isn’t a picture of him, by the way, it’s David Carey, former publisher of The New Yorker. OK, so I can be a muppet too…*

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2 thoughts on “That was the Tweet that was”

  1. I’m quite proud – I wrote his first line! Goes to prove that good writing can’t hold a candle to raw aggression.

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