2 thoughts on “This has DNA — what DNA is it?”

  1. I’m sorry, I dis­agree (about the Daleks in Manhattan thing). It wasn’t so much wooden or clunky as styl­ised and a touch camp, in the tra­di­tion of, say Carnival of Monsters and The Greatest Show In The Galaxy. Although why the Daleks have only now worked out that they’d be bet­ter off with legs…

  2. You could be right, Tim, though I think call­ing the pro­duc­tion ‘styl­ised’ is a little gen­er­ous. I remem­ber the Greatest Show in the Galaxy and the Carnival of Monsters — though I was a kid for the first one and only read the nov­el­isa­tion of the second. Who has always been camp, put I’d put this under the umbrella of ‘shoddy’. Still, I’ll be tun­ing in tonight — who’d miss a Dalek in spats?

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