4 thoughts on “Much ado about tweeting”

  1. Ian, mate, he works in advert­ising, so he has no grounds to attack any oth­er medi­um or art as use­less 🙂 As Bill Hicks (my pat­ron saint) once said, if there’s any­one here who is in advert­ising go kill yourselves right now, you serve no use­ful pur­pose except to put a dol­lar price on everything… The ad folks prob­ably are set­ting up a sim­il­ar site now with fake entries from ‘real’ people all claim­ing to be using some great product right now. I think they call this site ‘TWAT’

  2. Good point, Joe. In fact I’m already get­ting added as a ‘friend’ by sus­pi­ciously mar­ket-ori­ented Twits…

  3. Douglas, wait till they get a load of my ‘giv­ing him­self a home hair­cut’ tweet. New depths of pro­fund­ity are being plumbed. I feel dizzy.

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