2 thoughts on “The Court of Air”

  1. Very cool – comics have been using similar simple animations for the last couple of years now, but not many books so far, although I suppose comics folks are more used to the idea of working with a visual medium (and have some artwork to begin with too).

    Jeff VanderMeer has been good at using animation and the web – the one for City of Saints and Madmen was simple but atmospheric. Hope he manages to get his short film based on the Shriek novel up online soon – had a peek at it a while back and it was a nice companion piece to the novel. Kind of nice to see something like that, not just a promotional item to create awareness but an actual new work of art in a different medium growing out of the book.

  2. It’s nice to see the crossover, and I like the idea of cross-promo bit of art that isn’t just there to ‘sell’ the book (just tried to get at Jeff’s trailer but the link was broken). I’d like to see some stats on how effective these things are. Maybe useful as pre-clips once YouTube goes in for advertising?

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