The Court of Air

My agent, redoubt­able John Jarrold, just linked to a YouTube video of the ‘book trail­er’ that HarperCollins UK have cooked up for Stephen Hunt’s The Court of the Air. Here’s the embed­ded video, below. I love the idea of a book trail­er. Indeed I’ve got one for my unpub­lished nov­el, Flashback, which I might post up tomor­row. Meantime, enjoy this far more pro­fes­sion­al effort. I’m really impressed with it; though a little long, and with sub­titles that aren’t so easy to read, it’s a good demon­stra­tion of a mar­ket­ing vehicle that can really impart the feel­ing of a book.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

2 thoughts on “The Court of Air”

  1. Very cool — com­ics have been using sim­il­ar simple anim­a­tions for the last couple of years now, but not many books so far, although I sup­pose com­ics folks are more used to the idea of work­ing with a visu­al medi­um (and have some art­work to begin with too).

    Jeff VanderMeer has been good at using anim­a­tion and the web — the one for City of Saints and Madmen was simple but atmo­spher­ic. Hope he man­ages to get his short film based on the Shriek nov­el up online soon — had a peek at it a while back and it was a nice com­pan­ion piece to the nov­el. Kind of nice to see some­thing like that, not just a pro­mo­tion­al item to cre­ate aware­ness but an actu­al new work of art in a dif­fer­ent medi­um grow­ing out of the book.

  2. It’s nice to see the cros­sov­er, and I like the idea of cross-promo bit of art that isn’t just there to ‘sell’ the book (just tried to get at Jeff’s trail­er but the link was broken). I’d like to see some stats on how effect­ive these things are. Maybe use­ful as pre-clips once YouTube goes in for advert­ising?

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