Eastercon 2007

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Somewhat tired and irritable – having been in the bar until 4 a.m. this morning, then making a six-hour drive home (could’ve been worse; could’ve been driving) here are some brief impressions of this year’s Eastercon.

  • Top job was to say ahoy-hoy to my agent, John Jarrold. John is a smooth operator – naturally enough – and seems to segue from group to group with ambassadorial ease. Turns out he’s published, represented, edited, or been long-time friends with most of the writers at the convention. If there’s a better-connected agent in SF, I’d be surprised. John and I discussed the state of the second edition of Déjà Vu – currently in a holding pattern with a publisher, fingers crossed – and Powell and Pressburger films. He’s a lovely chap (John, not Powell or Pressburger).
  • Good to chat with Paul Raven (of Velcro City Tourist Board, and Interzone), Shaun Green, Jetse de Vries (of Interzone, also an SF writer), Martin McGrath (of Matriix, the BSFA magazine), and Gareth L. Powell (upcoming writer).
  • Bumped into the quite tall and very personable Geoff Ryman. Geoff has links to a movement called mundane science fiction, which argues for more environmentally responsible SF. I have a connection or two to this movement, though I haven’t written a piece of pure ‘mundane’ yet.
  • Said hello to Ian Watson (co-writer of AI: Artificial Intelligence) to thank him for a very nice review of Déjà Vu.
  • Asked my girlfriend what she thought of the whole thing; perhaps she could write this blog entry! Raised my eyebrows at her bulleted list, headed ‘characteristics of science fiction fans’. Said ‘hmm’, and decided to write it myself.
  • Watched Doctor Who with the fans. Great atmosphere and a great episode; quite fitting, since the theme was the power of words, just like the convention (Eastercon is primarily a literary event, for those who don’t know).
  • Bought some Philip K Dick.

And now I’m going to catch up on my sleep. Happy Easter!

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2 thoughts on “Eastercon 2007”

  1. I’m not actually with Interzone, although all reports to the contrary go some way towards furthering my inevitable march of progress.

    Cheers, and a pleasure to meet you Ian!

  2. Good to meet you too, Shaun! …I’ve amended the post, though I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been snapped up by now…

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