6 thoughts on “Who?”

  1. Worked for me. The new “com­pan­ion” is far, far, far bet­ter than Rose. This woman is a train­ee doc­tor! She can act! She is pretty! Has a per­son­al­ity! etc etc.
    (Almost makes up for Barty Crouch Jr play­ing Dr Who.)

  2. I hear what you’re say­ing Maxine. I was always a fan of Billy Piper, though — thought was/is a great act­ress (not so good in the Pullman adapt­a­tion over Xmas, though, ‘The Ruby in the Smoke’).

    New com­pan­ion is very pretty, though, and I can’t really believe the Doctor turned her down! OK, so they’ve got incom­pat­ible repro­duct­ive organs, but still…

  3. Martha is fant­ast­ic. The “get­ting the radi­ation into my shoe” hop­ping dance gave me the giggles, and the way he “seduced” Martha into going with him, then got all coy and embar­rassed when she men­tioned the kiss and the tight suit roun­ded it off per­fectly…

  4. Yeah, the ‘radi­ation dance’ had me slap­ping my head a bit…but it is a kids’ TV after all.

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