6 thoughts on “Who?”

  1. Worked for me. The new “companion” is far, far, far better than Rose. This woman is a trainee doctor! She can act! She is pretty! Has a personality! etc etc.
    (Almost makes up for Barty Crouch Jr playing Dr Who.)

  2. I hear what you’re saying Maxine. I was always a fan of Billy Piper, though – thought was/is a great actress (not so good in the Pullman adaptation over Xmas, though, ‘The Ruby in the Smoke’).

    New companion is very pretty, though, and I can’t really believe the Doctor turned her down! OK, so they’ve got incompatible reproductive organs, but still…

  3. Martha is fantastic. The “getting the radiation into my shoe” hopping dance gave me the giggles, and the way he “seduced” Martha into going with him, then got all coy and embarrassed when she mentioned the kiss and the tight suit rounded it off perfectly…

  4. Yeah, the ‘radiation dance’ had me slapping my head a bit…but it is a kids’ TV after all.

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