Red Nose Day

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My girl­friend has been busy in the School of Psychology for Red Nose Day (for non-Brits, this is a bi-annu­al char­ity event organ­ised by the UK com­edy estab­lish­ment). She helped raise over three hun­dred pounds by for­cing the rest of the staff to com­pete in a ‘silly olympics’ and dodge­ball tour­na­ment. Have you donated? Hmm? Anyway, here are some pic­cies.

First, driv­ing-safety expert Dr Cris Burgess swapped his trade­mark pony tail for pig tails. For vis­ib­il­ity in poor light­ing — and to make him look even sil­li­er — fluor­es­cent tape was added.

Secretarial staff dressed up as doc­tors and nurses to bet­ter admin­is­ter returned essays and expense claims.

Follicely-chal­lenged chal­lenged Dr Alan Slater, a world-lead­er in research on infant cog­nit­ive and per­cep­tu­al devel­op­ment (he edited the text­book you see on the lefthand side­bar), decided to wear an Afro wig all day. Turned out to be a good place to keep lec­ture notes.

Dr Jacob Jolij’s visu­al per­cep­tion class got the High School Musical treat­ment, which helped him illus­trate how ret­in­al gan­gli­on fir­ing rates go all the way up to elev­en.

Rock on, dudes.

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