Red Nose Day

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My girlfriend has been busy in the School of Psychology for Red Nose Day (for non-Brits, this is a bi-annual charity event organised by the UK comedy establishment). She helped raise over three hundred pounds by forcing the rest of the staff to compete in a ‘silly olympics’ and dodgeball tournament. Have you donated? Hmm? Anyway, here are some piccies.

First, driving-safety expert Dr Cris Burgess swapped his trademark pony tail for pig tails. For visibility in poor lighting – and to make him look even sillier – fluorescent tape was added.

Secretarial staff dressed up as doctors and nurses to better administer returned essays and expense claims.

Follicely-challenged challenged Dr Alan Slater, a world-leader in research on infant cognitive and perceptual development (he edited the textbook you see on the lefthand sidebar), decided to wear an Afro wig all day. Turned out to be a good place to keep lecture notes.

Dr Jacob Jolij’s visual perception class got the High School Musical treatment, which helped him illustrate how retinal ganglion firing rates go all the way up to eleven.

Rock on, dudes.

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