14 thoughts on “Thinking and Blogging”

  1. Oh, by the way: I can tell you what Petrona means. But do you want to know or to main­tain the mys­tery of it?

  2. Thanks for the plug. “Thinking and Blogging” is pretty apt, for me they’re one in the same.

    Thinking out loud?

  3. Eric, it’s cer­tainly true that the thought­ful blogs are the most inter­est­ing to read…

  4. Thanks, Debra — mys­tery solved! Although that explan­a­tion does sound famil­i­ar. I won­der if I’ve read about it and the know­ledge just fell out of my head…

  5. Hello, I’ve been out of action for a couple of days — thank you so much, Ian, for the lovely com­pli­ment. As I always say when asked, my “oth­er” blogs are just archives rather than blogs with thoughts in them — there because my memory has failed, mainly. But although I do love the blog­ging medi­um, I am a sad per­son with no social life — that accounts for the time I have to blog (about an hour a night). Thanks to Debra for sup­ply­ing the info about the name, which is embar­rass­ing, so I don’t have to do it again.

    I like your pig­tails by the way 😉

  6. Belated thanks for your com­ment, Maxine. Keep up the good blog­ging work. As for the pig­tails, they offi­cially belong to Cris…and I’ve got a sus­pi­cion he liked them…

  7. Great blog and thanks! Did you know your top link is broken — as I was inter­ested to see the insights:-) Thought you’d want to know. Thanks for the post!

  8. Sorry — this is the broken link — ” What’s your favour­ite writ­ing music? ” It’s not the top one as pre­vi­ously stated. I do lots of work with how music changes brain waves and alter oppor­tun­it­ies — so was inter­ested to read the link? Hope that’s not con­fus­ing — thought you’d want to fix:-) Again, thanks

  9. Thanks for your com­ment, Ellen. Looks as though Erik’s blog is down. I’ve emailed him…hopefully it will pop up again soon.

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