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Dude, I’ve been, like, totally nominated by Debra Hamel – cyber-puzzlo-uber-maven, and book reviewer – for the Thinking Blogger Awards, which is a brainchild (God, I love that word) of the Thinking Blog. Yes, really. Anyway, the first rule of nomination is this: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT NOMINATION. No, hang on, I’ve got that wrong. The first rule is: Nominate five more blogs.


Hang tough while I fire up the ol’ Newsfire. Bearing in mind that Debra’s already been nominated (and I don’t want her to have to produce five more) and I’m leaving her out, the nominations, in no particular order, are:

Quantum Storytelling: The Probabilities of Storytelling: This is a great little blog run by Eric von Rothkirch that rely gets into the nitty gritty of the writing process. Sampler entry: What’s your favourite writing music? Hocking’s ha’penny worth: Totally sweet blog.

Neurophilosophy blog: This blog is run by a London-based neuroscientist and science writer. It comprises entries on many aspects of neuroscience, from neuroethology, cognitive evolution, philosophy of mind and the application of nanotechnology to the biomedical sciences. You don’t have to be a brain geek to enjoy this. Sampler entry: Is this a sentient machine? (Part 2) – which I disagree with, but I reckon the world is big enough for the both of us. Hocking’s ha’penny worth: May blow your mind.

Petrona: Thinking and linking about books, reading, writing, publishing, the web and more: Does this woman ever stop? She’s a one-woman blogging machine, and, what’s more, her entries are thoughtful and carefully selected. Sampler: Check out this meta snippet on Nature’s X-Files – the truth, like the rhythm, is going to get you. Hocking’s ha’penny worth: I still don’t know what Petrona means.

Me and My Big Mouth: Step right this way for magical mystery tour that is Scott Pack’s life – a heady mixture of bizarre Czech cartoons, troubles with his ivy (apparently, it’s cleared up, but that’s the trouble), and his regular feature, ‘Is it just me or are all journalists shit?’ Mr Pack is the Commercial Director of The Friday Project, a publisher specialising in bringing promising fiction from the web, through the computer screen, dripping and squealing all over the keyboard. I interviewed Scott here, by the way. Sampler entry: It’s official. Nick Cohen gives people nightmares. Hocking’s ha’penny worth: “A bull-necked, shaven-headed former pop music salesman,” avers the New Statesman. What are you waiting for?

Language Blog: Once upon a time, I was considered somewhat expert on linguistics. I hope I’ve dispelled that idiot notion via this blog. However, I like to keep up with my dangling modifiers, central-embedded constructions, and the very real need to bludgeon people who can’t tell the difference between restrictive and non-restrictive relative pronouns. I mean, wake up people. Away, do check out the Language Log. Sampler: Gendered generics: A NYTBR article that [not which, damn you all!] contained a singular generic pronoun. I couldn’t believe it either. Hocking’s ha’penny worth: Eats, shoots, leaves a death’s-head moth in the corpse’s mouth.

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14 thoughts on “Thinking and Blogging”

  1. Oh, by the way: I can tell you what Petrona means. But do you want to know or to maintain the mystery of it?

  2. Thanks for the plug. “Thinking and Blogging” is pretty apt, for me they’re one in the same.

    Thinking out loud?

  3. Eric, it’s certainly true that the thoughtful blogs are the most interesting to read…

  4. Thanks, Debra – mystery solved! Although that explanation does sound familiar. I wonder if I’ve read about it and the knowledge just fell out of my head…

  5. Hello, I’ve been out of action for a couple of days — thank you so much, Ian, for the lovely compliment. As I always say when asked, my “other” blogs are just archives rather than blogs with thoughts in them — there because my memory has failed, mainly. But although I do love the blogging medium, I am a sad person with no social life — that accounts for the time I have to blog (about an hour a night). Thanks to Debra for supplying the info about the name, which is embarrassing, so I don’t have to do it again.

    I like your pigtails by the way 😉

  6. Belated thanks for your comment, Maxine. Keep up the good blogging work. As for the pigtails, they officially belong to Cris…and I’ve got a suspicion he liked them…

  7. Great blog and thanks! Did you know your top link is broken – as I was interested to see the insights:-) Thought you’d want to know. Thanks for the post!

  8. Sorry – this is the broken link – ” What’s your favourite writing music? ” It’s not the top one as previously stated. I do lots of work with how music changes brain waves and alter opportunities — so was interested to read the link? Hope that’s not confusing — thought you’d want to fix:-) Again, thanks

  9. Thanks for your comment, Ellen. Looks as though Erik’s blog is down. I’ve emailed him…hopefully it will pop up again soon.

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