Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just had a nice email from Pia Guerra, a comic book artist who draws Y - The Last Man (recommended by Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing, no less). Pia was scratching around for some online drama to provide background during her work day and came across my podcast of Déjà Vu. She's enjoying it so far (see her blog post of 27th Feb), and it's great to get her feedback because I'm the throes of hard edits on the bloody thing, and one of the difficulties of such solitary work is that only the negative aspects seem to get my attention. Anyway, it's nice to be appreciated. Check out some of Pia's work on her site In case you're wondering what Pia wrote about Déjà Vu:

It starts off a bit choppy, throwing you into the deep end of events without any kind of floatation device and then smooths out as you get to know more about the characters. The writing is stylistically elegant and engaging and it doesn't hurt that Mr. Hocking, who reads the book, has an easy-to-listen-to, velvety voice. It's perfect for work and very entertaining.

I'm at chapter 13 and am very, very hooked.

You can download the full podcast from here, but remember that there'll probably be a new edition out sometime next year, one way or t'other.


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