Just had a nice email from Pia Guerra, a com­ic book artist who draws Y — The Last Man (recom­men­ded by Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing, no less). Pia was scratch­ing around for some online drama to provide back­ground dur­ing her work day and came across my pod­cast of Déjà Vu. She’s enjoy­ing it so far (see her blog post of 27th Feb), and it’s great to get her feed­back because I’m the throes of hard edits on the bloody thing, and one of the dif­fi­culties of such sol­it­ary work is that only the neg­at­ive aspects seem to get my atten­tion. Anyway, it’s nice to be appre­ci­ated. Check out some of Pia’s work on her site HellKitten.com. In case you’re won­der­ing what Pia wrote about Déjà Vu:

It starts off a bit choppy, throw­ing you into the deep end of events without any kind of float­a­tion device and then smooths out as you get to know more about the char­ac­ters. The writ­ing is styl­ist­ic­ally eleg­ant and enga­ging and it doesn’t hurt that Mr. Hocking, who reads the book, has an easy-to-listen-to, vel­vety voice. It’s per­fect for work and very enter­tain­ing.

I’m at chapter 13 and am very, very hooked.

You can down­load the full pod­cast from here, but remem­ber that there’ll prob­ably be a new edi­tion out some­time next year, one way or t’other.

Author: Ian Hocking

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