Girl on Demand

I just read this and it made me want to go out and buy about dozen books from this mys­ter­i­ous author. Who is she? Well, POD Girl (or Girl on Demand, as she signs her emails) has set her­self the chal­lenge of find­ing the lost treas­ures of Print On Demand and self-pub­lished books. She works tire­lessly — read­ing most sub­mis­sions on a com­puter screen — and posts reviews of the most deserving books. Talk about build­ing up karma cred­it. My book Déjà Vu was ori­gin­ally pub­lished as POD, and POD Girl was kind enough to pick it from the thou­sands and give it a review.

The exist­ence of people like POD Girl is the reas­on I’m now writ­ing a second edi­tion of Déjà Vu for my agent. Without a little help from strangers, writers just don’t get any­where.

Thank you, POD Girl…wherever you are.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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