6 thoughts on “Quid pro quo with Dr Lector”

  1. My writ­ing music, when I use any, is Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. It’s inter­est­ing — as the mood of the music changes, so does the feel of my writ­ing.

  2. Because I work as a radio blokey, I have mil­lions and mil­lions of pro­duc­tions CDs — I tend to make “mix” tapes of my favour­ite tracks to get me in the mood.

    When I was writ­ing Adventure Eddy, I had a CD which included some key ‘emo­tion­al’ bits of theme music and then some tracks I’d have liked to have had in the movie — believe it or not “South Bound and Down” was on there, from Smokey and the Bandit, for when Eddy and his mates race 600 miles across France in his old sports car to catch a TGV.

  3. Thanks for your com­ment, Simon. Do you get the urge to write about fallen priests and spin­ning heads? 😉

  4. Roland, what a great image! The writer bash­ing furi­ously at the key­board while SATB blasts out. What a life!

    We gotta loong way to go and short time to get there…’


  5. Simon, ah… Tubular Bells. Surely you don’t have that one song on repeat ad nau­seum?

    And I’m with ya Ian — soundtracks are the best back­ground for writ­ing.

  6. Thanks for your com­ment, Eric. I do worry about Simon 🙂 Love Tubular Bells though, it’s just that my broth­er played it ad nauseam when I was kid…

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