9 thoughts on “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”

  1. Wow!! With the red cover it looks as hot as it runs 🙂 I also have a lap-monster like your’s and find it a bit to hot on the foot somtimes. Does the cover ease the heat on the lap a litle?

  2. Hey Sævar

    Yes, it does actually feel cooler on the base.

    By the way, if you’re feeling dangerous and a little techie, there’s an app called smcFanControl ( It allows the user to directly set the Mac’s fan speeds. Whenever I have my Mac on my lap, I usually fire up that bit of software and increase the fan speeds. Temperature often drops by ten degrees or so.

    Use at your own risk, of course!


  3. Thanks. I will try it. No fun without a little danger in life. I stumbled on your page looking for audiobooks,so thanks for that as well. I listend to the first chapter driveing to work this morning, looking forwared to hear the rest of it.

  4. OK, Sævar, best sure to let me know what you think of the book. BTW, a second edition is due to come out some time next year, maybe you want to wait (mind you, you’d have to pay for that one, since it’ll only be available in dead tree format…)

  5. To can’t stop now, im into deep. The second edition will make a good present. Are you rewriting it or just making a few ajustments 🙂

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