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M’colleague Katherine Harrington, over at the London Met Writing Centre, wrote with news of an inter­est­ing event that is writ­ing-related (though not fic­tion­al). Lynn Reynolds, a psy­cho­logy stu­dent, has volun­teered to write a psy­cho­logy essay online over the next few weeks. She has a blog and will be updat­ing it reg­u­larly. Rather inter­est­ing is the use of ‘text cap­tur­ing soft­ware’ — this is some­thing I’ve been think­ing about for a while, and may one day use to illus­trate the writing/editing of a nov­el from start to fin­ish. Anyway, this sounds like an inter­est­ing online writ­ing doobery.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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