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  1. Nice look­ing cage, but let me tell you about our guinea pigs …

    We have three hutches — one big one for overnight slee­p­overs, a smal­ler infirm­ary and anoth­er one in the laun­dry for when it’s too hot or cold out­side.

    That’s just their overnight accom­mod­a­tion. Our back garden has about 120 sq feet of lawn (the rest is paved), and approx­im­ately 108sq feet of this lawn is fenced off with shoulder-high cat-proof gal­van­ised steel mesh topped with two vari­et­ies of shade cloth. Inside this run is guinea-pig heav­en, with vari­ous hidey holes, lots of grass to munch, and plenty of water feed­ers and food dishes stra­tegic­ally placed so they don’t have to walk too far for their refresh­ments. (I tell you, I’ve con­sidered mov­ing in with them.)

    Every day the guinea pigs are trans­ferred from the cages to the lawn, and every night they’re moved back again before encroach­ing dark­ness fright­ens them.

    So, how many guinea pigs enjoy this pam­per­ing? Two.

    My kids have had guinea pigs for 7 or 8 years now, so they’re old hands at all this.

  2. Sorry to hear that, Roland… Well, at least you gave the chap a good life. Pity they have such short little lives…

  3. Ooh, I bet they would, Tom. If they could get past the cat-repel­lent meas­ures that Coffee and Erich have con­struc­ted…

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