So do you not think that people strike just ’cause they is lazy and wanna chill for a day or so?

One of my old­est friends (in fact, she was born on the same ward as me, only five days later) is an agit­at­or! Well, she works for the TUC, and I con­stantly irrit­ate her with ques­tions on the theme “Been agit­at­ing recently?” My friend just sent me a press release. I guess I should come out of the closet and say that I’m not dog­mat­ic­ally polit­ic­al, but there is some­thing left-lean­ing in my atti­tude to social issues, so I’m happy to do a little agit­at­in’.

Aaaaaanyway, there’s this book­shop, see. And…well, here’s the press release:

Independent book­shops in Britain are an endangered spe­cies, on aver­age one closes every month. They are suf­fer­ing as the big chains rely on slash­ing prices and super­mar­kets cherry pick the best selling titles. Amazon on the inter­net and Waterstones on the High Street dom­in­ate the book trade in Britain. They are doing to the book trade what Starbucks have done to cof­fee shops and every high street looks the same, homo­gen­ised, cent­ral­ised with less choice.

Amazon is a vir­u­lently anti-uni­on com­pany. During one uni­on recog­ni­tion bal­lot, staff were kit­ted out with man­age­ment-bought T-shirts telling the uni­on to “get back in the his­tory books”.

Bookmarks is an inde­pend­ent social­ist book­shop in London which has been provid­ing a book ser­vice to the work­ing class move­ment for over 30 years. We give advice on any­thing from pamph­lets on Health and Safety law to multi-cul­tur­al children’s books, give dis­counts to orders for trade uni­on branch lib­rar­ies and send book­stalls to trade uni­on events. We are also the appoin­ted book­seller to the TUC.

We have launched an appeal, with the sup­port of Tony Benn, to raise £50,000 to help secure the bookshop’s future. We do not have mil­lion­aire bene­fact­ors, instead we are call­ing on the sup­port of the thou­sands of trade uni­on­ists and act­iv­ists across the coun­try who want to see our social­ist book­shop thrive. If you or your trade uni­on branch are in a pos­i­tion to make a dona­tion to our Friends of Bookmarks £50,000 appeal or can pub­li­cise, through inserts in mail­ings or advert­ising, the ser­vices that Bookmarks offers to trade uni­on­ists please con­tact me at the book­shop.

You can find more details at, com­rade.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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