Cubic Parsec

It is, of course, well known that the dens­ity of our galaxy (Milkus Wayus) is approx­im­ately one star per cubic par­sec. Less com­monly known is the fact that ‘cubic par­sec’ is the name of a new blog by Nick Moberly, a mate of mine. The blog covers…well, er, lots of stuff. Nick is a psy­cho­lo­gist cur­rently study­ing the cog­nit­ive mech­an­isms that under­pin depress­ive rumin­a­tion, so there’s no doubt that some of his posts will about our esteemed is-it-or-isn’t-it sci­ence. Metal music also fea­tures. You have been warned.

Author: Ian Hocking

Writer and psychologist.

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