2 thoughts on “Timbers? Shivering? With my reputation?”

  1. Hmmm, I was really disappointed by it, to be honest. Not actually bad, didn’t hate it, but felt let down from the first movie. It was like Temple of Doom compared to Raiders of the Lost Ark – it had the elements I wanted but they felt as if they were all done very much by the numbers, plotted and planned by Blockbuster Movie Committee while the first felt genuinely enjoyable because, daft though it was, it had a lot of heart. Hoping the third one is more Last Crusade (he said, sticking with his Indiana theme).

  2. Thanks for your comment, Joe. You’re right, I think, that the sequel certainly did lack heart. It’s almost as though they weren’t expecting the first one to do very well and just enjoyed themselves. I can imagine every man and his dog at Disney chipping in with script ideas for the second one. I have to watch the third, though. Desperately looking forward to the next Indie… “and the Frame of Zimmer” perhaps

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