2 thoughts on “Timbers? Shivering? With my reputation?”

  1. Hmmm, I was really dis­ap­poin­ted by it, to be hon­est. Not actu­ally bad, didn’t hate it, but felt let down from the first movie. It was like Temple of Doom com­pared to Raiders of the Lost Ark — it had the ele­ments I wanted but they felt as if they were all done very much by the num­bers, plot­ted and planned by Blockbuster Movie Committee while the first felt genu­inely enjoy­able because, daft though it was, it had a lot of heart. Hoping the third one is more Last Crusade (he said, stick­ing with his Indiana theme).

  2. Thanks for your com­ment, Joe. You’re right, I think, that the sequel cer­tainly did lack heart. It’s almost as though they weren’t expect­ing the first one to do very well and just enjoyed them­selves. I can ima­gine every man and his dog at Disney chip­ping in with script ideas for the second one. I have to watch the third, though. Desperately look­ing for­ward to the next Indie… “and the Frame of Zimmer” per­haps

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