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Following the somewhat epic moan of 3rd Jan, here’s a quick update on what’s happening with Déjà Vu. I’ve been speaking
to some interested parties – can’t reveal their secret identities, I’m afraid – and the result is that Déjà Vu is
likely to rise from the dead, like Baron Samedi at the end of Live and Let Die. Nothing is set in stone, but a second edition (revamped, pimped and tinkered with) should appear in 2008 as a regular book (possibly in hardback, but that depends on ‘secret factors’).

My job, right now, is to go back to Déjà Vu and set about it with a red editing pen. And, in the spirit of Web 2.0, you can help!

That’s right.


Yes, you.



Yes, your webcam is switched on. Nice pyjamas.

But listen. I’d like to send a big WASSUP to all the guys and girls who have bought and read Déjà Vu. Capital job. Do you want to be part of the second edition? If so, post a comment to say (i) what you liked most about the book, and what you least liked about it.

I’m not looking for major critiques (though I’ll be casting an eye over my more in-depth reviews), but it would be nice to have as much feedback as possible from real, pyjama-wearing readers about the book before I put knife to paper. Just a sentence or two would be helpful.

The most perceptive/useful comments will be punished with a signed copy of the second edition!

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8 thoughts on “News on Deja Vu”

  1. For how long is the request open? My copy should be arriving from Amazon @ the 16th. I don’t know how long a read it is but will be happy to comment if time hasn’t expired. (Or I haven’t.)


  2. First off, thanks for buying a copy. Second, it will take many long months to edit the thing, so if it takes ages to you a while to get back to me, no problem. I’d appreciate the feedback.

  3. This sounds like great news. I’m very intrigued. I will get reading as soon as I’ve got my edit of the current WIP sorted. So if your timing allows it…


  4. Ooh, I’m up to try for a signed copy… I thought the bike chase leading to the airport scene was very good. Lots of action, great pace, builds to a crescendo… fab.

    Looking back on it now, I think the final confrontation could have been a bit scarier, a bit less messy in places. And the American diner annoys me: not enough description.


  5. Thanks, Aliya! Yeah, I think the chase works OK. By final confrontation do you mean the bit where Hartfield reveals his dastardly plan (and other twists)? Yes, the American diner is a little boring as a place to set a scene. I might try for somewhere a little more exciting (pity Rushmore has been done!)

  6. Yes, the Hartfield bit – sorry, am going from memory! Re the diner, I don’t know if it needs to be an interesting place, just that you need to slow it down and swing it back to character – maybe he could look at the other people more, observe conversations, think about his own life – I just get the feeling we need to see real life again there to remind us of the abnormal experience he’s going through.

    I’ll go away now!


  7. Hmm! That certainly ties in with one of my more nebulous bullet points, which is to give the reader (and the characters) a bit of space in which to absorb all the crazy stuff that’s going on. Thanks, Aliya.

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